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7 PM. He was absolutely exhausted after a tiresome day. Actually, his entire week was so: tiresome, taking all the guts out of him, making it impossible to focus on what he planned to do today. His private jet already started to descend to land in Dubai in less than 30 minutes. Last Saturday, he planned to have a super great evening: dinner in one of Dubai restaurants with a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa, then some dancing in a nightclub, one of newly opened, and then – have a great time in bed with one of the luxurious women sexy in Dubai.

But now, a week later, he wanted nothing of that. Although a girl from the escort service in Dubai was already booked and in several hours, she had to be at his hotel place. So it was not too polite to cancel now. Although he did eat his diner in a place with a view, it did not seem for him that breathtaking as he hoped. Even food and drinks seemed paler than he expected. Obviously, this huge tiredness made him forget about the joy of the day. While on a restaurant terrace, he called the escort agency in Dubai where he booked a girl 7 days earlier and asked for another girl. He confirmed the place and time – 11 PM.

He spent about 1.5 more hours at the restaurant, sipping low-alcohol cocktails (as he didn’t want alcohol played a bad joke with him, leaving him drunk and doss when the escorts of Dubai girls would arrive).

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In the room with a palindrome number 19091, he found a complimentary bottle of champagne in ice and a small basket of confectionery. That’s what he loved about Dubai – personnel here was always thinking of guests, wanting to make their stay as good as possible.

Someone rang the door. He opened – there were two girls standing. He smiled and invited ‘em in.

“Girls, a week ago, I was full of energy and wanted to have sex in Dubai city with a view of Burj Khalifa. But it turned out, I’m exhausted and simply would like you two to make out in front of my eyes. I’ll watch.”

In ten minutes, they got out of the shower and changed into sexy apparel with high heels and corsets. Sitting in a chair that he put against the bed, his eyes sparkled from such a view. The lights were dimmed to create intimately shaded ambiance in the room, but three large panoramic windows that took an entire wall let in the lights of a city, pulsating with life, sparkling with yellow, blue, white, and green colors – this unique illumination color combination at night he only saw in Dubai. And that was a good reason to book a room on the 19th floor, from where he could see the city’s heart.

The girls kissed one another and roamed their fingers on their smooth skin. Once in a while, he gave them short commands like “Take the corset off” or “Kiss her breast”. He saw they were making one another nude, erotically taking off the corsets first, then pants, and then they left only in high heels, which definitely added loads of feminine charms to their bodies. Also, both of them had massive earrings – was this detail somehow coordinated between them two for this visit?

One girl had about the 2nd size of her breasts, another had the 3rd. They started kissing in lips and continued with kissing the breasts of one another, caressing nipples with the end of their sharp tongues, while their fingers were in the area of groins. Then, from a sitting position, they changed it to a lying one, one was up, another – down, and the second started to lick the pussy of the first. Doing all their interaction, they tried to take the poses, which would allow him to see everything most interesting. They offered him to join but so far, he just wasn’t ready. However, watching was full of eroticism.

Then girls switched places, and the first started to lick and suck the pussy of the second, while the one who was receiving oral pleasure moaned and squeezed her breasts and nipples. It was truly like watching a porn movie, only alive, where he could direct the girls’ actions. That was a very powerful feeling, which overwhelmed him, adding more vigor into his blood and muscles. And in a while, he felt like he wanted to join the girls. He rose up and took his clothes off, exposing a body of an office worker. Then he lay on the bed, inviting one girl to sit on his face and another – to work on his dick. Erection was coming gradually – due to the lack of powers and alcohol – but from skilled oral work of the girl, his dick turned into a firm boner, which she sat on top and got some horse ride motions, like a real cowgirl. Then she stood from it and started to work with her mouth intensely, bringing him to the highest point of pleasure. All this time, another girl was sitting on his face, where he could reach with his tongue any place he’d desire. And so when the bright moment has come, he stuck his tongue into the girl’s pussy far and strong, enhancing his feelings.


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What greatness it is to fly high in the sky in a helicopter! This is nearly complete freedom, which is hard to describe with words unless you haven’t flown yourself. This is an overwhelming scope of emotions, which brings you closer to the birds, as only this you can actually imagine yourself, what they see from the height of their daily flights. Over the rooftops, over buildings, and even over the skyscrapers, which are in such a plentitude in Dubai.

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