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I was asked by one of my regulars to try on a new idea that he had in mind. I work in the Asian outcalls service in Dubai but, I have to admit, the idea of shoving 2 mobile phones at once in my pussy and ass & ring on them to find out what’s it gonna feel like, did not cross my mind for the entire time as I do this work. Escort in Dubai is what I do part-time. For the rest of the time, I am trying to find a good husband here to stay and give birth to a bunch of children. Yes, I admit – I don’t want to work but I want to have a lot of fun and live with a wealthy husband, being provided by him to cover my desires. And I hope that my beautiful face and astounding body will eventually make it happen.

My escort agency client’s name is Ali and I love to visit him – he is generous, funny, and it is exciting to try various sexy stuff with him. He told me to go to a shower and then come back as soon as possible – he got two phones prepared in his apartment: an old Nokia 3310 and a much newer model, some Apple.

In less than 5 minutes, my wet body was already walking towards the room where Ali kept the phones. I made myself comfortable on the couch and spread the legs so as to allow him to shove them inside, being concluded in condoms, which he preliminarily greased with something to make items fit smoother.

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The first one, 3310, was destined for my ass – as it was smaller and rounder compared to the ‘brick’ of Apple. He generously greased my anus hole and a pussy to let them both slip inside without resistance. It took us several minutes to let the 3310 inside: he was gently pushing it in, while I was gently trying to reduce the muscle counter-stand. Eventually, the tip of the condom was left outside and he prepared the same process for my pussy now.

It was significantly easier to accommodate the second thing inside – simply because nature made sure female’s pussy stretch. But since the phone model was wide, it still got me into mild struggle. It lasted about a minute but the pussy gave up (of course). Gotta tell you – my clients of escort models service got so many various things inside of my both openings between the legs that I lost count of what has been inside. But never, it was two phones at once, to make them vibrate there. It should have been like two vibrators simultaneously, which I have never tried as well. Now, as two phones were in me, I started to wonder – what restrained me from showing two vibrating dildos inside of my openings at the same time and feel what it’s like?

Ali took two other phones and called. I felt the buzzing of the vibration from the one in my pussy. But I heard a sound of a call from the one that was in the ass – and no vibration.

“Ali, honey, did you forget to set the Nokia to a vibration mode?” I asked Ali. He looked foolish, responding, “Damn, girl, it seems like I did!”

It took him several more minutes to get the phone out, take it out of the condom, put the vibration on, call on it to make sure that the vibration mode is on, and get another condom instead of a ripped one. After he greased it and added more grease to my ass hole, we both repeated the process of shoving it inside – I tried to be relaxed to the max, whilst he gently shoved it inside. When I accommodated both, he ranged on both models. And the vibration was really awesome, I must tell. It came from my colon, adding to the waves of vibration that I felt in my pussy, which was both felt from the right and left parts of it since the pussy phone pushed its wide sides to my pussy walls. Thus, it was kinda different from a regular vibrator in the pussy (which feeling I know) – the buzz was coming simultaneously from three points inside of me and all three felt differently. What I could tell for sure is that the 3310 model gave a series of short vibrations, like, ‘bzz-bzz-bzz’, while the Apple phone was giving me, like, longer ‘bzzzzz-bzzzzz-bzzzzz’. They did not align and worked un-synchronously. And that turned me on but at the same time, I wanted to scratch those places inside. Weird.

I told Ali about all those feelings, as he was the first person who’d like to know what it’s like. Even though he could feel just a half of it, if he wanted, he would not be physically able to feel the second part. And definitely, not how they work together.

“Mia, honey, you are wonderful! I wanna try something new with your body next time… Won’t you mind?”

“Of course, I didn’t mind, sweetie; you’re my favorite client, how could I mind?”


Girl net in Dubai takes part in a sex contest: who holds more rubber dicks with their bodies

Our dating escorts’ ladies love to take part in various contests. Sometimes, they are aware of these. Sometimes, they aren’t (as not all clients inform prior to the date that this would be a contest, not just a regular pastime). Our girls shake tits agency tells you a story, where girls weren’t prepared for what has been expecting for them.

Mika, Joyce, and Florence from the cheap call out girls’ agency came to one of the Dubai hotels, which they frequently visited (because there is an agreement between the hotel and girls). In a large room on the 5th floor, men were already partying with some other chicks, dancing to the disco lights and loud music. And other hotel guests were accommodated father from those partygoers – just to feel quieter.

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Dubai is considered one of the capitals of all earthly pleasures. Thanks to the flows of insanely large capitals, the place is often called the oil capital of the world (unofficially, of course, while the real one today is Tulsa, Oklahoma, the US).

No wonder that in such a rich city, with millionaires and billionaires, VIP xxx girls who are able to satisfy various non-standard needs, are in high demand. One of the agency’s Russian escorts young women was called to one of the sheiks, whose name we do not provide for understandable reasons. Let’s call him simply Mr. Blue.

The girl named Sylvie was booked for an entire weekend. In one of the two days, the following peculiar story happened to her, which she gladly shared for the collection of erotic stories of our luxury escort agency.