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Camels… There are many of them in Dubai, especially for tourists. And it is only possible to ride them in two if there is a dromedary (with one hump on the back), not a Bactrian camel (with two humps). And when it comes to make sex on their back, it is uncomfortable & unlikely. Yet, it is such a gorgeous new experience!

That’s what Abbud, a local owner of a camel farm, wanted to have on his 43rd birthday – sex experience on a camel back with female escort Dubai. He picked the girl from a huge catalog, agreed on the details of the date (as he wanted everything to go perfect), and requested a girl wore a skirt or dress, not tights, jeans, or shorts. Otherwise, access to her pussy would be much harder, which is definitely not a thing when you’re on a camel’s back.

She went to the place on a taxi, which he paid for, and let it ride away. This was one of the classiest girls lingerie in Dubai: a very beautiful face, slim figure, nice huge breasts, and adorable long wavy blond hair, which she braced in a tail beginning with its second half. She wore a yellow top and a sky-blue skirt with a wide hem, which was easy to pull up – just as he wanted.

They sat in a jeep and rode for a mile towards the camel farm. There, they entered a barn where several camels were standing in a stall. He approached one of the camels and stroked its head gently with his arm: “Meet George Obama – I named him after two presidents.”

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That was hilarious. The camel fur was warm and not pricking as she was afraid of. He chewed some grass gum. The stall, where he was in, limited his movements from all 4 sides. Obviously, so they don’t fall from him.

“Here, darling, use the ladder to get on his back,” Abbud said. “But before you get there, take off your panties. You can leave your skirt on.” His English was bad but Mikaela understood him. Taking off the black thongs, she put them in her purse, taking two condoms out of there. Whatever happens next, superbusty Mikaela from busty mature escorts agency knew: protection comes first.

She went up the ladder to the back of the camel. “Please, move closer to his neck, across the hump,” she heard from Abbud and did so. He climbed the ladder after her. Camel said something indignantly on his camel language, probably, asking why, the hell, there are two people on top of him, not one. And continued to chew his gum.

“Now, please, lay on your belly down as max as you can and move your ass to me, on top of the hump.” Mikaela logically understood that it was the only way they could make love on the camel – if her groins would be placed on the hump and Abbud’s dick entered her pussy while behind the hump. Yep, definitely, that would not be possible on a two-hump camel, no way.

Before she did as asked, she opened a condom and gave it to Abbud. Looking in his eyes, Mikaela understood that Abbud did not want to put it on, so she mildly prompted, “Darling, I don’t want any camel fur possibly get into my pussy, you know, so this is something that’d protect me.”

Abbud hesitatingly put it on and then she laid her belly maximally on the camel, grabbing around his furry neck with arms, and crawled backward towards Abbud to meet his dick with an open pussy. Between her belly and the camel, it was her skirt, which now served as a bumper and allowed her to move freer.

When the hump’s top was in the area of her navel, Abbud stopped her movement and got closer to the girl himself. She felt his erect tower pulsating, touching her labia. It was super easy to slip inside of her, as she got sweat from the movements on top of the camel’s back and it was pretty warm inside the premises. She felt him in, jerking back and forth with a mild power, obviously, not to fall and not to scare the camel. Who knows how falling from such a scared animal feels like…

He grabbed her ass firmly with both hands and made his pecking business. Holding her allowed a better contact and it was obviously nothing better to hold on. Soon she felt as he exited from her pussy and was now entering the backdoor. She was delivering the service of anal sex, so entering there also was pretty simple and not unexpected. What was new in the situation is that she has never before made anal sex on some animal, particularly, a camel. Once or twice, it was a cat, which sat and looked at her, from a meter or so, as she made anal sex with one of her clients, in his bed. But camel…

Finally, he cummed. She felt no flushing of the sperm inside, as his dick was embraced by a condom. The camel was super still during the entire process – thankfully! He just roared something in his language when they both got down, using the ladder again. He patted him on the fur, “Good boy, George Obama, good boy,” as if he was just fucking him, not a girl.



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When I got to the address of her arrival, I had to check it twice before believing her eyes: that was an aquapark. Maybe a client didn’t want to have escort gangbang hanky-panky but wanted to have a day of waterslide fun with a pretty girl like me? I walked in and saw that the place is eerie empty – no one was inside, even no cashier.

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7 PM. He was absolutely exhausted after a tiresome day. Actually, his entire week was so: tiresome, taking all the guts out of him, making it impossible to focus on what he planned to do today. His private jet already started to descend to land in Dubai in less than 30 minutes. Last Saturday, he planned to have a super great evening: dinner in one of Dubai restaurants with a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa, then some dancing in a nightclub, one of newly opened, and then – have a great time in bed with one of the luxurious women sexy in Dubai.