Milfs in their 30s are contestant to make men cum three times in a row faster than the rest
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There are different contests. The most exciting of them are sexual ones. This is a story about escort Dubai anal mistresses, the four of which came from the agency of escort service in Dubai to four local men.

“Come in, girls. We’re happy to have you here. You could take off your jackets and put them by the entrance on the hanger.”

The man who said that was a tall Arab named Dhikrullah. Three other men in the room were named Kadeem, Nassif, and Rabih.

“Girls, we have prepared for you an opportunity to have fun by becoming contestants. That’s why we invited four of you – so each man receives his girl,” Dhikrullah said.

Nassif continued, “The idea of the contest is simple. Each of you will have to make her man cum with semen three times in a row. The rules are also simple: do whatever you want to make it happen but do not prevent others from doing what they are doing. Understood?”

One of the girls asked, “Why three times?”

Rabih explained, “At first, we thought about just one. But then reconsidered that it wouldn’t be indicative – if one of us wanted sex more than others, he wouldn’t need that much sexual stimulation to finish. Also, this would be too fast. Two times in this scenario also look connected to arousal. But three times take more efforts and show the clearer picture of not only a man’s sexual desire and arousal but also of the work of a girl.”

Dhikrullah said, “To give everyone fair and same conditions, we have 4 same chairs standing one by another in the same room. The girls will have to start working at the same time, by my command. Now, you should go take a shower. We have two shower cabins. I hope, two of you can shower at the same time or one by one. But make it fast – we already want you.”

“Also, we bet some money to the result,” Kadeem added, “But you shan’t worry about who wins – simply do your job as good escorting agencies girls.”


So, there girls were – about to participate in an exciting contest. Not only should it be a test for men but also a test for our travestis Dubai women – which one of them makes a man cum 3 times first? Who’s better?

Since there were no rules about making a man finish with a drop of jizz, they could use their hands and mouths for tighter (which means better) stimulation of men’s dicks. That’s what most of them thought of in their heads while in the bath.

Upon the exit, Dhikrullah said to them, “To make it unbiased, pick your man as you wish.”

Girls rushed to pick someone who, as they considered, could cum the easiest. Certainly, those who lingered had to pick from the rest. Eventually, the men sat in chairs and naked girls were standing nearby, looking at Dhikrullah and waiting as he commands to start. He made a swift countdown, “3-2-1-Go,” and so the girls rushed to the men they have picked.

The four girls started with taking the dicks of men into their mouths and squeezing their testicles, which, as known, gives extra erotic arousal (and, if squeezed correctly, pushes the semen out mechanically). After the dicks were licked, they mostly turned to their hands, giving a nice vigorous handjob. A minute has passed as all four men spewed the spunk from their trunks. Some of the girls decided to catch it with their bodies to make it flow down on their skin as an extra factor of visual satisfaction while others didn’t. When the dicks were yet hard after the #1, they continued their hand and oral motions to cause the second one as swiftly as possible. Two turned to their pussies – switching their poses, they sat fast on the dicks of men and started jumping on condom-wearing cocks. The second time, as predicted, was also pretty fast – from 2 to 5 minutes at most.

But the third one was harder. Men took some rest while women were drinking some alcohol, carefully taken to the premises preliminarily to make them relax, tipsy, and more fun (if required). Since all four dicks were malleably flaccid already, it took significant time – just as Rabih predicted – to make them hard and ready to ‘fight’. In 15 minutes after the contest’s start, the first of the girls figured out that pushing a finger into the anus hole provides powerful physical stimulation. Looking at her (and a fast outcome), others did the same. Men were quite significantly ready after anal stimulation and their dicks hardened as rocks.

In 23 minutes, Rabih won, giving some of the semen to the mouth of a woman. They both said it aloud. The rest, Kadeem, Dhikrullah, and eventually, Nassif, all cummed within 35 minutes after the start. To her surprise, the girl who made Rabih cum 3 times faster than the rest got a generous money reward – for creating a winner. And they will all definitely come here again if invited.


Girl net in Dubai takes part in a sex contest: who holds more rubber dicks with their bodies

Our dating escorts’ ladies love to take part in various contests. Sometimes, they are aware of these. Sometimes, they aren’t (as not all clients inform prior to the date that this would be a contest, not just a regular pastime). Our girls shake tits agency tells you a story, where girls weren’t prepared for what has been expecting for them.

Mika, Joyce, and Florence from the cheap call out girls’ agency came to one of the Dubai hotels, which they frequently visited (because there is an agreement between the hotel and girls). In a large room on the 5th floor, men were already partying with some other chicks, dancing to the disco lights and loud music. And other hotel guests were accommodated father from those partygoers – just to feel quieter.

Party girls booty play with the hookah smoke and their pussies

Thanks to Dubai girls escort, modern local men with much free time and the inability to consume alcohol for religious reasons can entertain, making all their sexual dreams come true into reality. You should order a pair or more of our ladies from the Dubai WhatsApp escort agency to repeat an interesting experiment described in this story on your own. At least, to see whether you could make more smoke than the men and girls in this story did.