Sexy massage Dubai is amongst the services that our women provide

Top escort models are able to deliver dozens of services of eroticism and around. When you pick a lady from our extensive online catalog of gentle pussycats, you can start your choice not from a girl but from the services that girls do. Some girls are specialists in the provision of some services, whilst others do other services. Although we list up to 10 services that each girl is a specialist in (on their personal pages), it does not mean that some girl cannot do other services. So if you don’t find a lady to your liking in some service, then simply pick a girl to your liking and ask our booking manager if a girl provides this service.

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Anal sex

Anal sex is a common offer of petite escort Dubai girls and agencies they’re registered in. This service is delivered by the beauties that dwell on the website here, and you can enjoy it with hundreds (or even thousands) of girls at your discretion: they are of all bodily complexities and colors of their hair, eyes, and nails (if the latter matters for you). Some girls work on enhancing the quality of this particular service by bleaching their anus hole, which you will be highly enjoying. Even if not directly stated in a girl’s profile (whether she does bleaching), you can always ask a phone manager about this issue to get the best.


BDSM is a little bit more serious erotic game than usual. Some men enjoy it since they feel a whole range of new emotions during receiving this type of erotic catering. Our bbw actresses providing massage will completely adapt to your needs and requests. Typically, this service also includes a stop word, which you shall pronounce when the pleasure becomes too strong – that you can’t bear it anymore. This and other details of the game are agreed upon the visit of our agency’s erotic entertainer but you could (and should) agree on the details of her wardrobe beforehand.

Cum in ass

Cum in ass is a very enjoyable thing with any our busty Russian girl. This service is one of essential to feel the entire splendor of an erotic date. And if your wife or girl does not allow you to get satisfied in this way, our paramours are ready to do it at any time – from dusk till dawn. With their malleable bodies and tight rings of asses, you will feel satisfaction, which will make sparkles and stars in your eyes take a pleasantly gigantic size. So do not diminish your desire to have real fun and go for cum in an ass service with the plentitude of our sexual entertainers.

Cum in mouth

Cum in mouth is an astounding pleasure, which can be received on every date with our full service game girl. A mouth is naturally actively used during sex and there is nothing surprising that an overwhelming part of men and women use cum in the mouth during their games – it is very satisfactory under all conditions. But what to do if some local women like girlfriends or wives do not want to please their men in such a good way? There is a super awesome way out: invite a lady from our online catalog! Thus, you’ll get it all – at any hour of the day. The phone line you see is connected to WhatsApp & Viber, so you won’t be having problems texting.

Deep blowjob

Deep blowjob is one of the most satisfactory erotic services, which women can render to men. Using qualified services of nymphs of our erotic international girl Dubai website’s catalog, you can enrich your day with this breathtaking opportunity – to your full enjoyment!

What a day is it without letting yourself some portion of high? A deep blowjob service is exactly such a high: very desirable, easy to render by any one of our skilled mistresses, and it comes with the convenience of full satisfaction and applied sexy bodies of lovers. To start this pleasure, simply agree on a personal date.

Erotic model photoshoot

Erotic model photoshoot is the supplement of the rest of the erotic services of our ladies. They are lecherous and many of them don’t mind being captured on a video or photo – to add to your personal collection, which saves memories of great dates for years and decades to come. You can use the girl providing massage in Dubai pictures at your discretion but only for personal usage – it is disallowed to make copies of those images and videos to distribute them. We want you to be very pleased when taking these visual materials and thus, ladies can provide additional personal services for your full pleasure.

Face sitting

Face sitting made by our girls leads to a wild satisfaction, which is adored by many men in the entire world, not just Dubai, where we primarily work. The essence of this service is that a woman sits with her bare ass on the face of a man who lies down on a bed, face up. In that manner, he gets completely conjoined with the skin and genitals of a woman, which makes him penetrate her pussy with a tongue, lips, and, probably, nose. We have many escort with the biggest booty girls who deliver this kind of service, which might or might not be joined with other services of erotic nature (whatever you wish on your private date).

Fisting for her

Fisting for her sex service will make it possible for you to explore the boundaries of physical girls by fisting their anuses or vaginas. Actually, you can go for both. This is a real chance of getting inside of a porn film for real, shoving things and your hands in girls’ sex openings and stretching them. Call the service for yourself or you plus a company of your friends at a party to get real fun. Also, you can preliminarily agree with a girl-provider of this service, what she would adopt inside of her pussy and ass (in addition to classic hand). But if you don’t have time or opportunity to agree during the booking of our busty girl, it’s perfectly possible to do it on the place.

Fisting for you

Fisting for you provided by one of the mega escort paramours of our escort agency is a gentle service, which caters to broadening of your sensations during sex experimentations. You could also pay attention to the service following on the list: fisting for her, to advantageously combine the types of pleasure you achieve on the date. We’re working on the entire Dubai territory, wherever you would like your highly erotic date to happen: on the ground, above or under it, or in the sea. Fully meeting your expectations, we’ve been working for long years on the market to select only the best of the best girls to provide our high-pleasure services.

Golden shower

Golden shower made by one of VIP massage providing massage women is an erotic service, which you could find highly arousing. The nature of it is that you urinate on a girl or make her urinate on you while being in a place like bath, toilet, shower, sandy desert, or in any other place at all, about the cleanliness of which you don’t care (or which your servants can clean up). Such an addition to your regular sex games is a wonderful opportunity to feel the hotness of her urine on your skin or to give this feeling to her. In either case, this can swiftly progress into penetrative or another kind of sex, which you will be highly enjoying.

Group sex

Group sex is one of the high-tense services of sexy girls of our adult escort agency. You can call any number of them from 1 to 10 to participate in your event, in whatever corner of Dubai it is held. You can pick girls from the catalog on the Internet suiting your demands and desires of their looks, weight, the color of hair and eyes, and the rest of things. You are free to instruct them on the particularities of your sex party so they suit it the best. In this way, you can make your guests enjoy and not think of anything but fleshy pleasure. We can assist you with the choice and organization of the soiree.

Happy-ending massage

Happy-ending massage delivered by a pretty girl for play Dubai can easily become a logical (and desirable) ending of your day, week, month, or year – whatever period is relevant for you. You can also make a great and pleasant surprise for your colleagues or business partners by ordering such a service from our agency – to thank them for a great job or express your gratitude for signing some important contract. All our happy-ending lovers are top-notch performers, working at any corner of the area, on land, on water, and even up in the air of Dubai.


Impersonating is actually a wonderful opportunity to try on the identity of someone else. That doesn’t have to necessarily be some boring connection like a boss-secretary, nurse-patient, or shepherd-girl. There are so many other roles and characters in the world that it’s simply impossible to get bored when picking them! Try on these ideas for a date with an escort real girl providing massage: President Clinton – Mrs. Lewinsky; a hunter in a forest – a scared prey; a mushroom collector – a mushroom (sickly enjoyable, right?); a robber of a car – a police officer who seized the robber; a singer – a music producer (although film producer Weinstein is sick, what he did is fruitful ground for sex games).

Interesting poses

Interesting poses are very intriguing when you can fully and without restrictions manage a beautiful girl, making her change poses of her body so you can see everything on the surface of her body without any clothes, restrictions, or humbleness. You can dive deep into the depths of her pussy, anal hole, or oral cavity with your gaze – no matter how piercing it will be. Eventually, why would you need a call girl if not making her show you everything? After you’re done simply watching, you can (and should) make use of her naked body to your fullest sexual gratification. Also, our xxx girl providing massage delivers a happy ending with her hands and fingers.

Leather and lashes

Leather and lashes is a kind of erotic service, where a girl called from our catalog wears leather clothes, which may come with or without underwear (so to make it easier for you to fuck her). The lash that comes as an addition to the image may be used by her or by you to whip one another during such unique escort service. This can be ordered by many girls from our highly erotic catalog so you can enjoy the body of your lover that’s covered in leather of black or another color, which you pick. Bear in mind, however, that not all of our ladies have leather apparel in their wardrobe, so you shall find out this detail from our phone manager upfront before picking an exact girl.

Lesbian girl

Lesbian girl is someone not looking ugly or fat like real-life lesbians with sloven bodies of 400 lbs and red/green short hair wearing pink leather dresses. No, she is a lesbian from XXX movies and arousing pictures, catering to men, which you’ve gotten used to: wonderful tanned skin, slender and curvy body, beautiful face, nice long hair, erotic tuning to have sex with girls in front of your eyes, and wanting you to join them while they’re doing it. She can be one of the great milf escorts that we recommend to be ordered by anyone wanting something particularly arousing. With her timely appearance in your life, you can do it your way and make your enjoyment bloat significantly.

Licking her pussy

Licking her pussy, you can immerse your tongue into her vagina to play-lick-and-suck around and in her labia and everywhere. Your tongue and lips will be the primary instruments of your mutual enjoyment. Any our full service game girl Dubai will agree on being explored by your playful tongue, fingers, and lips. Some even love gentle biting (for as long as it stays pleasant for a girl, so don’t get too rough, please). She is ready to give all of her to you, as well as you can invest much more of yourself into the process. It is quite very sensitive and more intimate than pure fucking or sucking your cock by a girl, so your pastime must be of better quality.


Looking very young

Looking very young lover is what many men of Dubai want to see in their beds and on their cocks. She can play a great number of astounding role-play games and make you see her in various images. With some bigboobed girl Dubai who looks truly young, you shan’t restrain yourself in erotic pastime and games. That’s something you’ve wanted and it is now a perfect time and opportunity to realize those dreams.

You can invite her to a hotel room, house, yacht, car, plane, helicopter, or any other place or premises you find suitable for a date filled with absolute enjoyment.

Nude cleaner

Nude cleaner is definitely a gorgeous entertainment option when you aren’t actually calling for perfect cleanliness in your house, apartment, yacht, or – especially – hotel room. Although it does not prevent her to really clean up things, the biggest pros of this party girl are her shapes – she is showing you them to their full completeness when doing the cleaning work. Her posing and various erotic faces, as well as apparel, will serve as a great addition or even replacement for actual cleaning. That’s completely at your discretion, whether she will be cleaning at your place or just impose – she is supportive of anything.

Nude waitress

Nude waitress is one of the entertainments, which any really interested in sex adult man shall try at least once in a lifetime. She will be great for events with any number of guests (but if you would like many nude girls to serve your party entirely, you shall book several, approximately 1 waitress for 20-30 guests). Also, every waitress is able to provide extra services, for instance, being an escort lady in your city providing massage. Thus, by calling pussycats from our erotic infotainment agency, you combine several services into one, which is very profitable for the organization of logistics of your soiree.

Painting girl’s body

Painting girl’s body is possible in various ways and using several types of colors. Watercolor and gouache are most frequently used for that, as they regularly washed off the body with water and soap. However, you could paint a bbw escort Dubai girl using a different method – you should preliminarily agree this with an agency’s manager during the order (since not all girls providing this service would agree on all types of paints and methods). However, we’re always trying to make the best for our customers, so as to make their every wish come true.

Pose 69

Pose 69 is one of the sex poses, which allow entering her pussy with your tongue and explore everything around it, effectively stimulating the clitoris, big and small labia. You can polish everything for as long as you desire and an escort mature providing massage lover will be playing with your penis and balls all this time. It is a great option for mutual satisfaction, which significantly expands as you both have direct access to the genitals of a partner, not only exploring & playing with them orally, using lips, tongue, and teeth for periodic gentle biting (when properly done, it is very arousing), but also to smell them, being fascinated with the smell that incorporates a hefty amount of pheromones.

Pure romance

Pure romance is a service, which allows a man feel to something more than physical lust. It is about the tenderness of the first or second date, where both of you exchange glances and touches, which are fragile and tender, where emotions whirl in passion inside of you, not outside, where hearts are filled with love, and stomachs are filled with butterflies. Any of our escort xxx girl providing massage lovers would like to become a tender-hearted maiden for you, letting you into the world of airiness, cloudless expectations, and something intangible, evanescent. She can also play your girl in front of someone important for you: friends, family, colleagues.

Sex for couple

Sex for couple is very frequently ordered from us by those couples who’d like to reinvigorate their sex life after years of being with one another. Nearly any girl for escort overnight from the catalog on the Internet from our agency will be thrilled to deliver you this service, no matter what gender you and your partner are. If you have any special preferences in bed (like toys, clothes, greasing, or whatever applied), you shall inform a call girl about it prior to the beginning of your date. If some wishes are too hard to make sure to deliver them, we’ll try to find ways of satisfying them in either case but we cannot guarantee every dream to be done. So we encourage you to make sure to bring everything required for a date with you.

Sex multiple times

Sex multiple times is an opportunity to have sex several times during one and the same date with the same girl from the erotic catalog of our entertainment agency. The journey to the sex heights starts for you on a date with pussycats that we can deliver you straight to any place you want. There are many girls with nice hair we have who’d like to render this wonderful service to you. By the way, it can go for you alone or for you and your friends, who can also be a part of the date. That’s only up to you, how many times of sexual interactions you wanna have on the same date. We encourage you not to limit yourself. Truly.

Strict mistress

Strict mistress will rule the date for both of you. A Rus hot escort providing massage pussycat can make your sex encounter completely satisfying thanks to the degree of rigidness that you would like to ask and acquire from her. Since you’re ruling all your dates, you can regulate the level of her hard interaction with your body (and mind) – from gentle to completely insane (whatever satisfies you). We encourage you to try such a service if you haven’t tried it before – it shall amazedly broaden your sexual experience so it might even become one of your most favorites.


Stripper is one of the obligatory elements of any great party. If you’d like to entertain to the fullest alone or in a party of your pals (which would include a happy ending for every one of the present dudes), our agency girl providing massage is a perfect solution. It does not matter for us or for her, what is the time or place of your soiree, so bring her in at any time without limits. You can have her for an hour or longer – depending on your goals and desires. Surely, if you’re throwing a really huge party, which will span through many rooms and even separate premises, then you should think of a bigger number of invited strippers.

Tender and soft

Tender and soft opportunity of escorting you is made by so many girls of our agency. When you’re tired of vulgar mistresses and other types of rude ladies who are focused on pushing too much (in all senses), true salvation for you will be meeting with tender and soft lovers. A luxury girl for escort Dubai will be full of airiness and gentleness towards your body and soul. You can spend with her not just erotic but also a romantic evening, highly elevating your ‘sense of beauty’. You could understand it immediately by listening to a song by Charles Aznavour “La bohème”, which is an example of refinement and exquisite taste.

Things in vagina

Things in vagina are usually a wonderful addition for a date with a blonde hair escort woman, which provides services of individual dating to men. You could agree, which exactly things are going to fit there – before the date starts or at the date itself. For the fullest joy of both parties of a highly explicit date, we recommend having a girl’s agreement before applying things since some of them might be too big or long for her pussy. In this way, you’re able to avoid possible damages. As for the rest of the aspects of this enjoyable process, there are no limitations so as not to restrain your fun.

Vacation partner

Vacation partner is a service that’s ready to be delivered to you by thousands of our available ladies. A busty Russian girl providing massage and other erotic services will readily become your journey partner, no matter where exactly you’re planning the trip: in Dubai or abroad. She will readily go there at your expense. Well, you have to make sure a girl is supplemented with all the tickets, transportation, and assistance during the journey. And this is something you shall take care of.

During the trip, she will caress you, sit by you, listen to you and your commands, as well as make love.