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Joelle, a girl from an independent escorts com agency, has been rendering her services to men for over 5 years. Not only in Dubai. But this city was her favorite. This is quite a long term to see many unusual things in sex and experience some new sensations. Something happens only once, the same as some clients only use her services only once and she never sees them again. One of such rare yet memorable stories of having unusual sex was shared by Joelle exclusively for the website of busty adult women Hereinafter, from her words.

I was ordered to 4 AM when I had to arrive at a hotel room. In June every year in Dubai, 4 AM is sunrise time. How do I know? It is a frequent time when various parties end and I head home on a taxi, gazing at spectacular orange-and-pink sunrise. It’s time when the entire city sleeps, the city’s buildings look grumpy and tired. Sometimes I see the dense morning haze of fog, which might go beyond the tops of skyscrapers, eating their tops from eyes. This time brings coldness and freshness to the streets, no matter how hot the previous day was.

I usually skip an hour of hazy darkness while I take the morning shower and prepare some food to have a quick snack before going to bed. But this order to 4 AM made me not only change the day process but also combine food and bed.

How do you think, a nice-looking curvaceous female body could serve as a canvas for men and even some women to paint on it? So many people use foodstuff during sex! What has been greased and put on my body: peanut butter and other kinds of butter, oils, melted chocolate, honey, fruits and berries, whole and sliced. Bread and crumbs from it. One guy crumbed 10 or 15 bread loaves on me. Even fish! That’s not talking about liters of booze of all strengths and colors that were poured on my booty and tits, mostly on parties and in bathtubs. But, arriving on this call, I did not expect that.

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The hotel room had 2 bathrooms, 3 or 4 bedrooms, and an outer terrace with an amazing view. One of the bedrooms had a luxurious bed with red-and-golden bed linen and the same colors in the rest of the interior. I was shown the bed and told to undress myself. There were three guys in the room – one was my client and two were wearing black suits, white shirts, and black shiny shoes. Like the dudes from “Men In Black”, you know. When I was naked, these two got a large shiny irony bucket filled with various washed vegetables and fruits. And they simply started to put everything on the bed, covering it fully. Cabbage leaves, vegetable marrow, yellow carrots with stalks on their bums, sliced apples and pears, greenery, asparagus, pieces of broccoli, cut sweet peppers, celery, cucumbers, fennel, leeks, lettuce, sliced mushrooms, microgreens, and the vastness of other things that I didn’t know the names… I looked stunned at the process for several minutes. Nobody spoke anything and so I kept silence, too. What are they going to do? Cook the biggest bowl of soup in their lives? When a bed with a huge surface was covered with these all, the guys left the room & my client told me just two words “Lay down.” I looked at him in misunderstanding yet I went to the bed and accurately topped the entire foodstuff. It felt super weird: it was mostly cold & slippery. But most of all, the bed was squeaky – everything was rubbing one another, with mine every move, squeaking with the sounds of freshness.

When the client stood up from the chair and pulled down his robe, turning out naked, he approached the bed and accurately crawled on it, on top of me. He looked into my eyes and pulled my legs up, exposing the nude ass and shaved pussy, throbbing with the desire. His erect dick was asking for the entrance in my hairless cave of love, which was luring him with the pink color of labia. He entered inside of me, swiftly and without unnecessary soft nothings. At this moment, I was mostly focused on the slippery coldness of the veggies and other stuff, which I felt extensively with my back, parts of the ass, arms, and head. But my client was not so antagonistic about this undertaking – he rolled his eyes up and had a concentrated smile on his face, all the way while doing his physical activity. Then he abruptly exited me and rolled on his back, pushing me on top. I sat on his pulsating dick, which as if increased twofold from the last time as I experienced it – was it the veggie stuff that aroused him so much? Well, he got aroused from veggies more than from my naked body, that’s for sure.

We continued in the horse rider pose, which was very active, moving the bed up and down, generating tens of squeaks every second. When he sharply cummed, he shivered with the entire body and threw his semen far up in the air – I hopped off him to see the finale.


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